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Territory gastronomic menu


Finca Varona la Vella EVOO oil.

Green liquid olive.
Sourdough bread.
Crispy potato pancake.

The cheese box

Aguaviva pistachios with creamy goat cheese and tomato with truffle jam.

Crunchy Totdepoble sheep’s cheese with honey vinagrette, thyme marinated fallow deer, partridge, sheep’s cheese with aromatic herbes and candied figs.

Truffed cured cheese toast.

Hot creamy cheese morsel.

Black olive with cheese.

A Daluan's classic

Foie with caramelised jerky beef, Calanda peach compote and truffle pear jam.

From the garden

Alcalà tomato, Benicarló artichoke, cod, sultanas, pine nuts, citrus fruit, honey and organic saffron form La Mata.

From the farmhouse

Egg, jerky beef and truffle

Some rice

Rice with duck and Totdepoble cream cheese

And a meat

Sirloin meatballs, puffed potatoes and mushrooms.

A classic dessert

Let's make the flaó

To conclude



VAT included.

Drinks and coffes aren't included.

Complete table.

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